Postmodernism & the Desire for God (was Re: Pascal & Dogma)

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Thu Jan 4 10:18:37 MST 2001

>>> furuhashi.

Mervyn Hartwig mentions:

>Linguistic imperialism, of the POMO variety.

On the question of God, post-modernists, the later Bhaskar, & posters
in favor of reconciling Marxism philosophically with "spirituality,"
"objective idealism," etc. should be on friendly terms.

by Edith Wyschogrod and John D. Caputo

Augustine's question returns, unanswered: "What then do I love when I
love my God?"...

John D. Caputo. In just the past year we have seen two books edited
by English theologians -- one entitled The Postmodern God, the other
Post-Secular Philosophy -- that have pressed the claim that
"postmodern" must be understood to mean or at least to include
"postsecular," that the delimitation of the claims of Enlightenment
rationalism must also involve the delimitation of Enlightenment
secularism. A critical stance toward modernism goes hand in hand with
a critical stance toward secularism. In France, Jacques Derrida's
most recent work has taken a turn toward what he calls "religion
without religion," that is, to a thinking that involves a certain
repetition of basic religious structures, most notably the


CB: Hasn't postmodernism's neo-idealism always predetermined this result ( with due
amount of contingency mixed in, of course) ?  Engels marks the identity of idealism
and deism in _Socialism: Utopian and Scientific_.

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