Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

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Thu Jan 4 14:49:22 MST 2001

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:
> Alan:
> >1. What Native organizations in Canada represent
> >Native people?
> I have no idea.

Well, then.... how the heck could you defend the
organization referred to in the New York Times article
that you posted on here yourself! That is what I
initially specifically responded to.

> >2. Do you know of any chiefs who are not corrupt?
> >Please name a couple.
> You frame the question in the wrong way.

I kind of figured you would evade answering this
question as does Mr. Craven. Of course Mr. Craven does
so in the name of "protecting" the people from the
RCMP.... how noble. How long will these "leaders" and
"activists" remain hidden?

> >3. Do you advocate the complete dismantling of
> tribal
> >councils? And, if so, what will replace them? How
> long
> >will this process take? Who and how will Native
> people
> >be represented to deal with the government,
> >corporations, and yes--- even universities
> regarding
> >rights and demands for equality and an end to
> racism
> >in admissions and hiring?
> In the movie "Burn", the revolutionary leader of the
> Black peasantry tells
> one of his captors that freedom can not be given. It
> must be taken. That is
> my attitude not only toward the Canadian Indian
> movement, but to all
> progressive movements.

So hollywood provides answers to our complex social
> >I might also remind you that Native people have had
> to
> >fight like hell for everything, every single step
> of
> >the way... And I would like to see how your
> position
> >would hold up in front of Native people who only in
> >the last ten to twenty years have had homes,
> >electricity, running water where none of this
> existed
> >before... and there are still many communities that
> >don't even have these things that most people in
> the
> >United States and Canada take for granted.
> Demagogy.

Tell people on reserves that now have homes,
electricity, and running water its all "demagogy",
that they should continue to live like animals until
your annonymous "leaders" make their appearance.
> >Unfortunately, Mr. Proycet, you are so narrow and
> >ridgid in your thinking and so eager to condemn
> that
> >your views become rather meaningless because there
> >aren't too many people in this world you consider
> >worthy of your working with for anykind of social
> >change. I think this is sad.
> Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.

No problem, happy to be able to assist you.
> >Please, you initially raised this issue by posting
> the
> >New York Times article, can't we have some answers?
> You don't want answers.  try any of the mailing
lists on the CSF
> computers.

That is the way, continue to evade these very simple
and basic questions by telling us if you don't play by
my rules go away. How scientific of you. Might I
remind you, you raised these issues, I think you owe
it to the readers and subscribers to answer these
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