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>In Lou's roundup of "castaway" themes he omitted the fine Nicholas Roeg
>film of 1987. It starred the late, great Oliver Reed, who died recently
>after a lifelong struggle with the bottle.
>Roeg's castaways were based on the actual experiences of two people, a man
>and a woman, who chose to live on an island isolated from civilization.
>Deprivation by choice is a little different than that of necessity(someone
>knows where you are), but much of the experience is similar, and Roeg's
>film has the virtue of a hard-eyed look at the male/female relationship.
>Jon Flanders

Thanks, Jon. Never heard of that one. But it reminded me of another film
which also explored sexual tensions on a desert island, namely Lena
Wertmuller's 1975 "Swept Away".

(From a Newsweek review):
The film revolves around a rich woman from Milan, who is sailing around the
Mediterranean on a chartered yacht, and a Sicilian deck hand who is equally
committed to Marx and machismo. Naturally, they clash. She objects to how
he cooks spaghetti, the coffee he serves and to his smelly T shirts. He
does a slow burn until they happen to be marooned on an uninhabited island
together - and then lets her have it. He becomes a clever cave man and she
is at his mercy. "you are a pig and a whore and what's worse, a Social
Democrat!" he says. "You miserable subproletarian Abyssinian," she
counters. Overcome by helplessness, she becomes his slave, then his
mistress, and finally falls madly in love with him. But even in the heat of
passion, politics are not forgotten. "Tell me," Giannini asks, about to
ravish her, "how do you rich people make love?"

It is really an awful film.

Louis Proyect
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