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> Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:
> > >True enough! But we should be careful with the >"grafting" of "Marxism" into
> > >what are essesntially conservative, petty bourgeois, >religiosities such as
> > >those of the Third World Priests.
> Nestor, I had in my mind some progressive churches fighting against black
> oppression in the South (US) and/or some indigenous churches fighting against
> apartheid in South Africa. Frankly, I was not talking about "essentially
> conservative, petty bourgeois religosities" such as  the Third World priests in
> your own case.

I _did_ know that. But I wanted to insert the Third World Priests question in
the thread. I was not exactly _answering_ to you, Xxxx. I was just trying to
enlarge what -for my own admittedly limited tastes- had become too narrow a
debate. Sorry if misunderstood.

> > > If Marx was right, the
> > >establishment of the first truly historical society will tend to make
> > >religiosity wither away. If he was wrong, there will appear a new kind of
> > >search for trascendence at the individual level.
> In a truly socialist&secular society of the kind Marx predicted, there will be
> no place for organized religion ... I am just assuming that there won't be any need
>for any monotheistic
> religions. We will just have shared rituals, practices or something symbolic,
> rather than oppressive religious practices.

Most probably so. Perhaps an Epicurean celebration of life will be the global
ritual of humankind, and I drink to that. But it will still not "explain" some
peculiarities of the human condition, the _individual_ human limitations. And
if I am not wrong, the needs that religious or ritualist practices (re-ligare,
that is "generating links") strive to satisfy stem from this fact. Anyway, this
is not an issue I feel I have too much of a saying to give here nor anywhere
else. And, of course, Mine, I forgot that you (as not me, so canned into this
Extreme Western country) _do_ keep an eye on Islam and its relations with the
state when you think of secularization. My apologies. Your comments are
absolutely apt.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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