Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Jan 4 20:55:11 MST 2001

> 1. What Native organizations in Canada represent
> Native people?

Not an expert, but from my experience I have always found one of the most repectable
and striaghtforward groups "out there" and visible to be the Native Youth Movement
(NYM). They have consistently pushed the need to stop and abrogate or cancel all
negotiations of treaties with the Federal and Provincial governments. This all the
while some tribal councils and the NDP (as well, unfortunately, as many Reds)
championed the Nisga'a (sp?) Treaty. It is a sell-out, and states all further (legal,
of course) negotiations are *over*. It places itself as the final solution to the
Queens negotiation teams efforts over the last two centuries.

The NYM have also begun other organizational efforts, such as the occupation of Herb
Dhaliwal's constituency office during the recent almost military assaults on Indians
in Burnt Church. If that's "breaking rank", then let the ranks be broke for once and
for all.


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