And Good Greetings To You!

Hunter Gray HUNTERBEAR at
Fri Jan 5 08:55:12 MST 2001

Dear Alan:

Thanks very much indeed for your thoughtful Season's Greeting.  Appreciate
it.  [ I did receive it, rapid-fire, a dozen consecutive times earlier this
morning.  Don't worry -- no problem ; just some minor gremlin somewhere  --
I see the whole Computer situation as either the  Shiny New Deity or 21st
Century Tech witch-craft. Fortunately I have children and grandchildren
living right here with us who assist me in managing whatever It is.]

Our whole family is fond of Marxism Discussion -- one and all of its feisty
components.  While you and I obviously have some disagreements over Canadian
and related Native matters, I imagine we agree on the basic rivers that
shape humanity.  We all wish you well in finding a reasonably secure
geographical location in which you and your family can find some peace from
the witch-hunters (and maybe the weather, too.)  I certainly join Louis in
hoping you stick on Marxism Discussion as we all travel down The River of No

We have a couple of other things in common.  I did a lot of trapping once
and, at one time, had 200 or so Victor Number 4 double-springs.  I've kept
one over the years and can still set it with my bare hands, on my knee.  My
wife, Eldri, is Finnish [and Norwegian], from Moose Lake, MN.  We were
married in '61 and went off immediately to Mississippi.

My inseparable companion -- my cat who is about one-half Bobcat  and sits
here -- joins me in sending our combative best.

Fraternally/In Solidarity -
Hunter Gray (Hunterbear)

Hunter Gray

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