Leona Freed's Recommendations: "Clean Government" or Anti-Welfare/Anti-Self-Government?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Fri Jan 5 18:54:22 MST 2001

>You mean George Speight of the Fiji Coup in 2000.  If anything,
>however, the direction Freed's proposal suggests is the opposite of
>Speight's coup.  In any case, it seems to me that neither could solve
>the problems that beset indigenous peoples in Canada and Fiji

Right, Speight.

>reservations than in capitalist governments in general).  The
>question is how to fight corruption without getting exploited by
>those who, like the Canadian Reform Party, spout the anti-corruption
>rhetoric in the interest of eliminating government deficits, social
>programs, transfer payments, self-government, etc.

Actually, that is not the question for a graduate student in Columbus,
Ohio. You are suffering from what is called the "Coyoacan Complex". What's
odd is that you've come down with it long after the germ carriers have gone

>Surely "Indian
>people will find solutions to their own problems," as will Serbs,
>Albanians, Indonesians, East Timorese, etc.  That doesn't mean,
>though, that the rest of us should cease efforts to figure out what's
>going on as well as possible in the meantime.

You are not trying to figure things out. You are trying to establish your
revolutionary credentials against the reformist swamp. Myself, I like the
swamp. All sorts of neat, green, living, creepy-crawly things can be found

Louis Proyect
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