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Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Fri Jan 5 22:54:58 MST 2001

>in the last round, Yoshi got upset with what she took to be  heavy handed
>treatment by the moderator. the moderator plays a dual role on this list.
>he is  both  the person who gives some direction to the discussion and
>someone who is just another participant in the discussion. I don't think
>that Yoshi understands Louis's style of argument. it's very New York. he is
>a master of the comic mode of production.

Look, it's not the end of the world. I am always storming off mailing lists
when I get fed up with things. I have unsubbed from PEN-L at least 5 times
since I first discovered it nearly 8 years ago. That doesn't include the 3
times I was suspended for misbehavior. As many people know, one of my
closest friends in cyberspace is Mark Jones, who is nearly as over the top
as me. Unlike me, he has serious accomplishments in the scholarly world as
a founding editor of "Capital and Class". He nearly died of oral cancer two
years ago, but is now in remission. I went to visit him in London when he
was ill because I wanted to meet the person who had given me the courage to
challenge all of the apologists for TINA. My only regret is that I didn't
meet Jim Blaut in person who died of cancer recently. A few months ago I
criticized Mark on this list for subbing people to the Crashlist he
moderates without their permission. He got pissed at me and unsubbed from
this list and then unsubbed me from Crashlist.

Believe it or not, I don't like personal and political feuds. I try my best
to keep this list moving forward. Trust me, it is not an easy task. There
are very smart people here who like to push the envelope. I don't mind if
people do so, but in return they have to expect some caustic remarks from
me from time to time. That's the price of admission and it is the only way
I can stay sane.

I just wrote to Yoshie and told her that I was sorry to see her go. I
regard her as one of most brilliant Marxist thinkers in the USA, but am
rather perplexed over her tendency to seek out divisive debates since the
autumn. In the past, as long-timers can attest, I NEVER HAD A SINGLE DEBATE
WITH YOSHIE. But since the autumn it has been non-stop with prostitution,
capitalism/homosexuality, the Brenner thesis, spirituality, and now
Canadian Indian women of all things. Frankly, I had resolved not to even
answer her but, as most people know, I am easily provoked. That might even
be my epitaph: Louis Proyect, 1945-2015: "Easily Provoked but Very Spiritual".

In any case, I expect that some people who are close to Yoshie--like Hoover
and Cox--to raise their voices in protest. That's fine. I am willing to be
pilloried for my brutality. But in the final analysis, I have the long-term
goal of this forum in mind, which is to provide a pole of attraction for
Marxists on the Internet. In realizing that goal, some toes will be stepped
on. I apologize in advance. However, the results of the discussion that
have been taking place here recently convince me that we are moving in the
right direction.

Louis Proyect
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