Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

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Sat Jan 6 09:23:37 MST 2001

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el 6 Jan 01, a las 6:28, alan maki dijo:

> Quite an articulate reply.... I've met some people who
> really know how to evade the issues but you take the
> cake.
> I posed a series of very legitimate questions in
> response to your arguments... Are you afraid of the
> answers Mr. Craven?

If I do understand, Mr. Maki has sent private mail to a public list on a very
delicate issue, and at the most complex moment. I have been co-moderator of the
Leninist International mailing list. Believe me, this behavior would have
immediately meant a good shot in the ass and an overseas individual flight
towards the famous Foul  Comrades Restplace Resort. And most people know that I
am quite a lenient guy.

I am amazed that Lou hasn't done anything the like as yet. Maybe I am
overheated due to the heat wave in Buenos Aires.

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