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el 6 Jan 01, a las 14:41, Mark Jones dijo:

> Now I'm back here, filling the argumentativeness spot left still warm by Yoshie,

for Heaven's sake! This half-aristocratic Briton has torn down years of
education in English! "Argumentativeness": are six-syllable words still

Now, on to his Cassandresque (hah, I can do something with English too!)
comments, some wishful thinking here:

> The slump is HERE. That's (a).

Though I feel that _in general_ Mark is right, I also believe that it will take
some months, perhaps a couple of years, for the truth in the above to reveal
itself in full. And, if I am not wrong this time, it will not be oil shortage
(not directly, at least) nor recession in the USA which will put the bomb to
fire. It will be rejection of foreign debt payments by the colonial world,
under the objective leadership of know who?  The old Russia that has not found
a reasonable place under the Sun for two hundred years: Putin, the very same
son of a thousand wretched Satanic Poltergeists, has just informed the West
that Russia will not pay the debt according to the previous time table. Others
will certainly follow. I can only hope I can help in bringing Argentina to the
same situation!

> B:
> Americans no longer live in a democracy.

This, IMHO, is a little too much. But it looks true in the sense that the
system has been undermined from within to an extent that could not be imagined
a couple of years ago. The "Imperial hybris" posting has been very important in
this sense. Only hope it is accurate. But, what will American minorities do
when extended Third World default begins to dry away the sources of the oil
that is still keeping them ointed within the system? This question is, in my
own opinion, one of the most important ones, and probably it may lead to one of
the most serious outcomes of the Gush-Bore conundrum.

> that means (c) anything goes,

For the imperialists, not for us. We must learn from our own past. In fact, it
is a long time since "anything goes" became the watchword for imperialists in
the Third World. Only the sad inheritance of the tremendous path followed by an
isolated group of revolutions in Eurasia provided the strength that they needed
in order to thwart the uprising hatred, based upon the obvious higher moral
standard of ANY socialist endeavour over ANY capitalist one, that their crimes
should have generated the world over.

and (d)
> moral and and historical legitimacy is for the first time in almost a century

This is an important proposition. If Mark is only half right, for the
imperialist core, then we can expect him to be FULL right in what follows:

> Long live the World Revolution. Only we have a right to speak of it; only we
> have a right to speak any more for DEMOCRACY. The big US parties have
> disenfranchised themselves; the US is one big rotten borough owned by the most
> corrupt, world-destroying, exterminist corporations known to history. The
> quislings of the Nato "democracies" have by their psuillanimity and
> deceitfulness, also lost all moral cachet and any shred of political legitimacy.
> This great crisis of ruling class hegemony and legitimation is the anteroom to
> some of the darkest pages in history, but we can light a beacon in this darkness
> and we shall.

This last sentence keeps me reminding my readings on the Fall of the Roman
Empire. I suggest everybody to cast a glance at those pages of history, which
will certainly prove a good harbinger for ideas in our own times!

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