Einstein the Marxist

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Sat Jan 6 13:00:11 MST 2001

>>> mh at jaspere.demon.co.uk 01/05/01 04:43PM >>>

>CB: I believe the following statement is inaccurate:
>"Einstein was a Marxist ..."

Check out Einstein's article written for Monthly Review in 1949
(reprinted in Monthly Review May 2000):



CB: Yes, I already knew that Einstein was for socialism, but not all people declaring
for socialism consider themselves Marxists.  In the above article Einstein does not
specifically say he is a Marxist, but maybe he is, and just never specifically said
it. On the other hand, he was aware of what I said first - that some socialists are
not Marxists - and so may have been trying to indicate that about himself by not
specifically mentioning Marxism.

It certainly would add to the prestige of Marxism, if he were, but I usually don't try
to make claims for very famous people being Marxists or in a Marxist party unless it
is explicit from them.

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