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alan maki vavbred at
Sat Jan 6 15:24:40 MST 2001

I didn't start any name-calling..... Mr. Proycet and
Mr. Craven did this.... if you would have been
following this discussion from the beginning you would
know that I have only dealt with the issues and
responded in kind to Mr. Proycet and Mr. Craven who it
appear are offended when they are asked questions.

I thought probing and seeking answers was "marxist".

So much for science on this list.

I don't mind either Mr. Proycet's or Mr. Craven's name
calling, it simply shows them for what they are; and
judging from the huge amount of e-mail I am getting
from people this is why so many of the subscribers to
this list don't participate, they simply don't want to
e subjected to what I have been subjected to on here
when they have something to say.... malign the
individual.... its the oldest trick in the book...
used by the ruling class just as they ruling class
uses Ms. Freed... But both Mr. Proycet and Mr. Craven
understand this very well, don't you gentlemen?

--- Les Schaffer <schaffer at> wrote:
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> line is bounced. ]
> Hi Lou!
> >Believe it or not, I don't like personal and
> political >feuds. I try my
> best to keep this list moving forward. >Trust me, it
> is not an easy
> task. There are very smart >people here who like to
> push the envelope. I
> don't >mind if >people do so, but in return they
> have to >expect some
> caustic remarks from me from time to >time. That's
> the price of
> admission and it is the only >way I can stay sane.
> Lou, I think that you are doing your  It reminds me
of Lenin,
> that marvelous
> man,  trying to unite the left before and after the
> revolution in
> Russia.

You have to be kidding here!!!!

Let me say that I totally agree with Jim
> Craven and I strongly
> protest Alan Maki's personal insults and accusations
> directed at Jim in
> this thread. Alan, when are you gonna stop insulting
> people and
> rationally addressing issues here?

you opened by saying you haven't been following the
discussion..... Don't I have the right to have
questions addressed in a rational way? Do you really
call the language that both Mr. Proycet and Mr. Craven
directed at me "rational"? Who was it that started the
personal attacks? Anyone with an ounce of common sense
can see who is to blame for the personal attacks... if
people post something on here or write something on
here or anyplace else, isn't that a forum for
discussion? And the point at which Mr. Proycet posted
that article from the New York Times that article
became a legitimate topic for discussion and debate...
take the time my initial response and then Mr.
Proycet's and Mr. Craven's subsequent response...
these two set the stage for any bitterness and
acrimony in this debate... not me..... any fool can
see that.

I was also sad to
> see articles on the
> list judging native issues from a bourgeois point of
> view,

If Marxist don't discuss and challenge the bourgeois
point of view what are we supposed to discuss? I was
happy to see the article posted, thinking an
intelligent exchange could take place.

I think its interesting to note that it is the very
learned university professors who stoop so low in this
discussion and then cry "unfair" at questions raised.

Yours in the struggle,
Alan Maki
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