Final Comment: Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

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Alan Maki:
>I think maybe what you are so irate about is that I
>have passed on your remarks quite widely. Now others
>will want some answers.

Let's be clear what Maki is saying here. He has forwarded Jim's remarks to
this mailing list without his permission to higher-ups in the AFN, etc., in
order to compromise him. This is at the very moment Jim is involved in
organizing a tribunal on genocide against the Blackfoot people, which
deserves the widest support among indigenous peoples in Canada. I will
allow list members to draw their own conclusions about Maki's intentions.

Louis Proyect
Marxism mailing list:

Jim Craven Final comment on this issue:

This started and escalated with Mr. Maki's missive on theory and practice
and his summary assertion that there is some kind of breach of theory and
conrete practice going on on this list as if he knew what concretely people
on this list were or were not doing in the real world. Then came the
questions which included questions and assumptions about for whom and for
what pay or benefits I and others were working and an insulting mockery of
our real needs for security that no real leftist would ever make. When it
gets to that level, especially with those passing themselves off as leftists
and heroes of the working class, you bet my language will get harsh.

Just a few minutes ago, an Indian woman left my office after leaving a
horrible story. From the time she was 8 years old until she was 14 years old
(she is now 35) she had been sexually abused by a creature who is now head
of child protective services for a certain tribe and was formerly chief CID
investigator for law enforement of that Tribe; she says that she knows of
other children being sexually abused at present--as she was--and wants to
stop this creature. She asked me how to get the Feds involved or get someone
involved to stop the abuse. She can't go to the Tribal authorities, some of
them are also child abusers, some are related to this creature and this
abuser has stuff on others such that they will not move against him.

Now what do I say to this woman? Should I give her a copy of Lenin's "State
and Revolution", tell her that the State is executive committee of the
bourgeoisie, tell her the FBI is part of that State and the bourgeois State
puts creatures like that on the payroll and protects them in order to use
them to steal Indian land and destroy what is left of Indian cultures? That
would be "armchair" "revolution". Should I tell her anyone, even those
purporting to be against Tribal corruption that are tied-in in any way with
"mainstream" or bougeois-reformist parties, or are grass-roots Traditionals
that are politically unaware of the real agenda of some with whom they are
working should be avoided and that she should link up only with "real"
revolutionaries? And then what?

Indian Nations are literally at a crossroads of history in terms of probable
extinction as Nations versus some possibility of stopping or
mitigating--some-- of the horrible genocidal onslaughts that occur every
minute of every day. While these official and respectable Indians go to all
these conferences--first class--about how to create a new generation of
functionaries to serve "The Man", real people like this woman are living
with the demons and conditions that could not have occurred without the
active complicity of the official functionaries of Indian Country. Activists
inside Indian Country know well who they are--in many cases they are their
close blood relations; outsiders like Maki have no idea who they are and
when he outreaches to their kind and slanders those about whom he knows
nothing, he is acting as no more than an objective police agent and wrecker
in matters about which he obviously knows nothing.

This is my final comment on this matter. Louis, please, either take this
Maki off this list or take me off this list. I cannot and will not write any
more on any matters on this list with this kind of pompous, reckless
petit-bourgeois wrecker, slanderer and agent provocateur on this list.


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