Einstein the Marxist

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>>CB: Yes, I already knew that Einstein was for socialism, but not all
people declaring for socialism consider themselves Marxists.  In the above
article Einstein does not specifically say he is a Marxist, but maybe he is,
and just never specifically said it. On the other hand, he was aware of what
I said first - that some socialists are not Marxists - and so may have been
trying to indicate that about himself by not specifically mentioning

>>It certainly would add to the prestige of Marxism, if he were, but I
usually don't try to make claims for very famous people being Marxists or in
a Marxist party unless it is explicit from them. <<

In think if you will read the explanation of the economic exploitation of
working people contained in the article there can be no doubt that Einstein
was very familiar at least with Marx's economic thought and agreed with it.


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