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En relación a FW: The Economist: Why and when to go in,
el 6 Jan 01, a las 18:24, Mark Jones dijo:

> Nestor the unquarrelsome, unargumentative, uncombative, uncontentious,
> undisputatious one, said:
> >> Americans no longer live in a democracy.
> >This, IMHO, is a little too much.
> Not too much at all, and we should mock its apologists all the more for their
> ludicrous hypocrisy, given the hypertrophy of imperial arrogance and
> overbearingly patronising attitudes these quislings are generally given to.

Oh, but allow me to "unquarrelsomely, unargumentatively, uncombatively,
uncontentiously, and  undisputatiously" remind you that this is all that
_bourgeois democracy_ is made of. The United States have as much bourgeois
democracy today as they had yesterday. We should not assume that in the
consciousness of the average American (whether WASP or OLC -that is "olive
Latino Chicano"-) there is too much of a doubt as to whether theirs is the most
democratic of all countries. And _this_ is what matters, politically.

What are you trying to explain us, Mark, that bourgeois democracy cannot run
without graft, bribery, and cheating? Bourgeois rule _in itself_ does. The day
we can clearly state "Americans no longer live in democracy" will be the day
when these beautiful rules of the political game are replaced either with an
open faced dictatorship, or a revolution.

There is a long tradition of cheating in elections in the USA. Forgot
gerrymandering? In Argentina, the imperialists used to call Perón a dictator
because he "gerrymandered" the votes of the higher class parishes in Buenos
Aires by unifying them with those of the lower classes. Was he? Of course not,
he was simply just a bourgeois politician.

If we say that the American people is becoming aware of the unsurmountable
limits of bourgeois rule, then I still believe that "Americans no longer live
in a democracy" is "a bit too much". This is what I meant. In the end, save for
the outrage of the Black section of American population (which may have a
_future_ potential of unexpected developments), and as seen from my poorly lit
Southern vintage point, the political scene in the USA does not seem to have
changed _that_ much. There is a great discrepancy between the remaining
arguments on your posting and this one.

So that I will stick to my mild "a bit too much" unless American comrades prove
me wrong. And, don't quote the Economist to support your views, this will take
you nowhere, because though it is important to realize that the rogues don't
lie to themselves, what actually matters is whether the common American working
class citizen believes their lies or not.

Never forget that the best source for Lenin's _Imperialism_ were German --

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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