The legend of Alan Maki

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Sun Jan 7 08:03:56 MST 2001

Jim wrote:
>Concerning Alan Maki, I found from doing a web search that
>on the afternoon of January 21, 1999, he was prohibited from
>distributing literature at the CAW Student Centre at the University
>of Windsor, and was  escorted off campus by Windsor Police Officers.
>This incident caused on uproar on campus which led to a formal
>inquiry which is described in the following two URLs.

Fascinating. Consistent with the portrait of an undisciplined and unstable
trouble-maker. Speaking as somebody who was kicked off of countless
campuses and who has a standing warrant for his arrest in Arlington County,
Texas for attempting to sell Militant newspaper subscriptions at a local
campus (can't remember which one--there were so many over the years.), I
can assure you that Marxist activists approach these kinds of situations
with a great degree of caution. One tries to avoid the authorities because
one is interested in distributing literature, not getting busted. Maki, a
48 year old man, evidently went into the Student Centre without any advance
preparation and began handing out literature. Here are the facts:

1. Shortly before 2:00 p.m. on January 21, 1999, Ms. Dolly Digou (CAW
Student Centre staff) observed Alan Maki distributing literature in the CAW
Student Centre eating area. Ms. Digou informed Mr. Maki that this
distribution of literature was contrary to CAW Student Centre policy.

2. Mr. Maki inquired at the CAW Student Centre front desk if he could see a
written policy prohibiting the distribution of literature. Ms. Digou and
Ms. Laurie McGhee (CAW Student Centre Staff), also on duty that day,
informed Mr. Maki that they did not have a written policy on the
distribution of literature.

3. Ms. Digou called the Campus Police Office for further information on why
persons were not permitted to distribute literature. Campus Police informed
Ms. Digou that the CAW Student Centre was considered private property.

4. Mr. Maki requested Ms. Digou to identify herself and to inform him of
the name of her supervisor. Ms. Digou provided Mr. Maki with the
information he requested.

5. Mr. Maki asked to speak directly with Campus Police and Ms. Digou phoned
Campus Police for the second time.

So, my impression is that Alan Maki was more interested in drawing
attention to himself than he was to revolutionary ideas. Michael Perelman
once uttered these wise words with regard to his moderation policies on
PEN-L. He says that as soon as a subscriber starts drawing more attention
to themselves in a divisive manner rather than their ideas, that is the
time he begins to think about suspending or expelling them.

Louis Proyect
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