FW: The Economist: Why and when to go in

Mark Jones jones.mark at SPAMbtconnect.com
Sun Jan 7 11:24:54 MST 2001

> I am still unconvinced that we have witnessed an unprecedented
> disenfranchisement, not a greater one than those achieved with the murders of
> Lincoln, Kennedy, or with the Watergate.

These were crimes which were the acts of individuals, or conspiracies. Even if the
FBI killed Kennedy, it still does not alter the extra-constitutional nature of the
act. But the Bush regime has come to offcie by a constitutional coup d'etat. That is
a different thing. It is much less sensational than Kennedy, MLuther King etc, but
it is altogether more serious. Crimes committed in breach of law and defiance of
consttituional right are one thing; the perversion of the constitution, its
legalised overthrow, is something else.

> Please explain what is the conceptual difference between your single word
> definition and my longish one

any kind of consummation, including electoral, which happens without consent, is


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