Giving the devil his due

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Sun Jan 7 11:30:56 MST 2001

I hate to respond to this, I thought my last comment would be my final one,
but this has to be answered.

First of all, there is no mention of what started and escalated this
exchange. Yes I did use the words mentioned below, and yes I will watch my
language in the future--although I may use the same terms again--but when
someone starts with questioning the level of practice and commitment of
people on this list (about whom he knows nothing) and then progressively
escalates with more and more innuendo--masquerading as "questions"--about
how people earn their living, whether they are paid for what they do and by
whom etc; well those of the antics of wreckers and provocateurs.

I don't know when I have "boasted" of my work as a Blackfoot Prosecutor;
actually I have written nothing in detail about what WE Blackfoot are doing;
I did answer specifically the issue of by whom was I appointed and on what
basis do I work (for no money or material/career benefit) but that was not
boasting but clearing up that issue and taking it off the table for

As for forwarding my comments to others who "know me", just who would that
be? How does Fidler "know": who "knows" me, on what basis, to what extent
and/or who are interested in my work?

I am sorry for some of my invective. After looking at Mr. Maki's website, I
find him to be a pathetic individual; but his obvious wrecking, paranoia and
penchant for self-promotion and erratic meddling in issues about which he
knows nothing could do a lot of damage to real victims.

Mr. Fidler quotes only the nasty words I use and quotes nothing else from my
arguments about varied interests. Why? In whose interest? Acting in behalf
of whom?

Jim Craven

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Subject: Giving the devil his due

Jim Craven publicly and scurrilously attacked a contributor to this list .
contributor apparently forwarded those public remarks to other individuals
know Craven and have an interest in what he says.

Here are some of the terms Craven, who boasts about his work as a Blackfoot
prosecutor, used in describing this List contributor.

"fucking punk", "asshole", "pompous little shit", "wrecker", "agent
provocateur", etc., etc.

Looks to me that Craven got what was coming to him. Let's hope he has
his lesson.

Richard Fidler

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