Chavez s Record on Women is Appalling

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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> En relación a Chavez s Record on Women is Appalling,
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> > Not surprising!  Xxxx
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> > Full story at:
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> > Opponents of Linda Chavez s nomination for Labor Secretary have amassed
> > excerpts from her collection of conservative columns and statements that
> > reveal her blatant anti-woman rights stance.
> I suggest American comrades may trigger a movement to replace Linda Chávez with
> Hugo Chávez. American women would have everything to win from that...
> Hugs in solidarity,
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Very true Nestor. You would not believe me, but when I first read the title of  the
story, I thought that it had someting to do with Hugo Chavez's women rights
records. Almost expecting an imperialist media bashing untill having seen this was
a different Chavez.

A hug


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