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Subject: Confirmation Hearings Rod Paige..Input Requested

From: "Charles E. Yow, Esq." <mediate at goldinc.com>

Please Give This The Widest Distribution  Your Assistance Is Greatly

We apologize for not writing a personal letter.  We have a limited number of
e-mail addresses and time is pressing in the following regard.  We would
appreciate your assistance in forwarding and posting this message to inform
all entities and people interested in native rights.  Please feel free to
modify the following as necessary and substitute your name were our names or
references are found.

Department of Education: Confirmation Hearing: Dr. Rod. Paige

Over 500 Native American, Religious and Civil Rights organizations are on
record opposing the use of Native American based mascots.  Among the school
districts with the worst record is the Houston Independent School District
lead by Superintendent Dr. Rod Paige .  President-elect Bush has nominated
Houston Independent School District Superintendent (HISD) Dr. Rod Paige to
head the U.S. Department of Education.

With the use of Native American based mascots coming under more frequent
review, the propriety of singling out a race or ethnic group for use in the
entertainment of other members of society is recognized as harmful to Native
American students and other students of color.  Of great concern is the
realization that where a school district utilizes a mascot identified with a
race or ethnic group, the likeness is virtually always that of a Native

The adoption of a Native American mascot is most often accompanied by the
utilization, and more often the cartoonization of the likeness of a Native
American.  In addition, Native American religion, traditions, and culture
are used in the taxpayer funded entertainment of non-natives at school
sporting and other activities and functions.  Native American based mascots
create, encourage, and/or perpetuate racially hostile conditions for Native
American and other students of color within the district.  As such they have
no place in an educational setting.

The Native American Heritage Initiative is a consortium of legal
professionals, and other individuals that work in the support of other
Native American entities in matters they are addressing that involve
addressing heritage and civil rights issues effecting Native Americans.  In
this regard, on behalf of Native American and other students and residents
of color, the Native American Heritage Initiative was asked by Native
American and other community members to contact Dr. Paige regarding HISD's
use of offensive and degrading Native American based mascots.

The initial portion of our investigation started with an examination of
prior efforts.  One group that has been involved for a long period of time
has posted the timeline of its involvement with the HISD mascot matter at:
<http://www.setaim.com/houston_timeline.html>   Our interaction with Dr.
Paige is similar to the total lack of interest and concern described by
Native American parents, students, and community leaders who also expressed
concerns with the Dr. Paige's lack of leadership regarding HISD's use of
Native American mascots.

Based on various sources with direct interaction with Dr. Paige it is safe
to conclude Dr. Paige is not concerned with matters affecting native
children, residents or staff and has steadfastly refused to address the
issue of Native American  based mascots.  In this regard Dr. Paige has
refused to even consider the possibility that names such as "Redskin" could
be or are offensive to Native Americans.  Dr. Paige's communication has made
it clear he takes the narrowest view of the law possible to retain his
Native American based mascots.  In a time when affirmative action and other
programs designed to reduce discrimination face erosion, we do not need a
person without the willingness or ability to understand issues of concern to
Native Americans in a position to affect the education of all Native
American  and other children of color.

We need to get the issue of Dr. Paige's lack of interest and concern before
members of the senate committee that is reviewing his fitness to lead the
United States Department of Education.  General e-mails can be addressed to
<mailto:webmaster at labor.senate.gov> webmaster at labor.senate.gov  After
sending e-mail we would appreciate it if you could forward a copy to
CYow at Yowlaw.com <mailto:CYow at Yowlaw.com>    Please also e-mail the following
senators on the committee.

Senator Kennedy  http://kennedy.senate.gov/main.cfm?whichpage=email
Senator Dodd  Senator at dodd.senate.gov <mailto:Senator at dodd.senate.gov>
Senator  Harkin  tom_harkin at harkin.senate.gov
<mailto:tom_harkin at harkin.senate.gov>
Senator Wellstone  http://www.senate.gov/~wellstone/webform.html
Senator Mikulski  http://www.senate.gov/~mikulski/mailform.htm
Senator Bingaman  senator_bingaman at bingaman.senate.gov
<mailto:senator_bingaman at bingaman.senate.gov>
Senator Murray  senator <mailto:senator_murray at murray.senate.gov> _
<mailto:senator_murray at murray.senate.gov> murray at murray.senate.gov
Senator Reed  http://www.senate.gov/~reed/form-opinion.htm
Senator Jeffords  http://jeffords.senate.gov/contact.htm
Senator Gregg  http://www.senate.gov/~gregg/body_e-mail.htm
Senator Frist  senator_frist at frist.senate.gov
<mailto:senator_frist at frist.senate.gov>  < senator_frist at frist.senate.gov
<mailto:senator_frist at frist.senate.gov> >
Senator DeWine  http://www.senate.gov/~dewine/request_form.html
Senator Enzi  Senator at enzi.senate.gov <mailto:Senator at enzi.senate.gov>
Senator Hutchinson  senator.hutchinson at hutchinson.senate.gov
<mailto:senator.hutchinson at hutchinson.senate.gov>
Senator Collins  Senator at collins.senate.gov
Senator Brownback  http://www.senate.gov/~brownback/email.html
Senator Hagel  http://www.senate.gov/~hagel/Email/contact.html
Senator Sessions  senator at sessions.senate.gov
<mailto:senator at sessions.senate.gov>

The hearing on Dr. Paige's nomination is scheduled for January 10, 2001
<http://www.senate.gov/~labor/107Hearings/107hearings.htm>   E-mails should
be sent as soon as possible.  To be included in the committee material
e-mails sent to  <mailto:webmaster at labor.senate.gov>
webmaster at labor.senate.gov  should be sent no later than the evening of
January 7, 2001.

E-mails to committee members are very important, please also e-mail your
state's senators in the same regard.  Additional guidelines for testimony
are listed below.  Please feel free to contact me in this regard.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Charles Yow, Esq.
Native American Heritage Initiative
NAHI at Yowlaw.com <mailto:NAHI at Yowlaw.com>
413-793-2993 (fax)

Following are the names and rules for submitting a letter or testimony
regarding Dr. Paige's attitude and support of Native American  based
mascots.  Many senators use web form e-mail, to make this easier we are
including the names of the members of the senators.  To access their web
sites click on the names and you will be directed to their site.

Letters can be faxed to:

FAX   202 224-6510  Attn:  Scott Giles

Letters can be mailed to:

Scott Giles
Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee
835 Hart Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

If you wish to submit testimony the rules for testimony are found at
<http://www.senate.gov/~labor/Hearings/guideln/guideln.htm>   and posted

Guidelines for the Submission of Prepared Testimony
of Witnesses before the
Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
for Inclusion on the Committee's Web Site
http://labor.senate.gov <http://labor.senate.gov>  <?xml:namespace prefix =
o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Prepared testimony should be sent to the Committee Staff Contact or
Webmaster at least 24 hours before the hearing, in order for it to be
included on the web site. Testimony may be copied onto a floppy disk, or
sent via e-mail to  <mailto:webmaster at labor.senate.gov>
webmaster at labor.senate.gov. Prepared statements are usually published on the
web site within 48 hours of the hearing. Statements received after the
hearing will be published on the web site as time permits.
Style and Format:
Testimony should be typed using a standard word processing or text program.
The predominant operating system in the Senate is Windows 95/98 using
Corel's WordPerfect 8 wordprocessing program. This is the word processing
program used in this Committee. We also accept testimony in Adobe Acrobat
4.0 format. Testimony should have the following information as the heading:
- Name of Witness [as he/she wants to be listed]
- Short title of witness [optional]
- Before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions
- United States Senate
- Title of Hearing
- Date of Hearing
The formats that works best for testimony published on the Committee's web
site are as follows:
- Single spacing
- Normal capitalization of titles, sections, headings [initial caps]
- Initial caps of the body of the testimony; do not submit all-caps format
- Soft returns in formatting unless at the end of a paragraph
- No indentation at the beginning of paragraphs
- Ariel font is compatible with the Committee's web site format
Floppy Disk
If you are submitting your testimony on a floppy disk, please use a 3-1/2"
formatted [HD/DS] MS-DOS disk. Label the disk with the witness' name, date
of hearing, and brief title of hearing. Do not send zip disks, jaz disks,
tapes, or Macintosh formatted disks.
Things to avoid:
- No underlining [in web formatting, that denotes a hyperlink]
- No Footnotes
- No tables in the body of the testimony [the GPO printed copy will have
- No capitalization of blocks of text or entire sentences
- No Graphs, charts, or diagrams in the body of the testimony
- No fancy formatting, such as multiple paragraph indents, or line

If you have any questions, please contact the Health and Education's
Webmaster <mailto:webmaster at labor.senate.gov> , by e-mail or telephone
Example of  Format for Web-Based Testimony

Testimony of
Jane A. Byte, M.D.
Director, Byte Medical Research Center
Montpelier, Vermont
Testimony Before the
Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee
United States Senate
Hearing on
Medical Records Confidentiality in a Changing Health Care Environment
June 20, 2000

Mr. Chairman, and Members of the Committee:
I am pleased to be here today to discuss with you an important issue in the
medical field. Etc., etc., etc.
Rev. 5 - 01/04/01

Top of  <http://www.senate.gov/~labor/Hearings/guideln/guideln.htm#top> Page
|  Home <http://www.senate.gov/~labor/index.htm>

Charles E. Yow
Attorney at Law
Office:  617-254-7526
Fax:  413-793-2993
www.yowlaw.com <http://www.yowlaw.com>
CYow at Yowlaw.com <mailto:CYow at Yowlaw.com>

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