Hugo Chavez appointed three revolutionary women to his cabinet (Re: Linda Chavez's Record on Women is Appalling)

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> > I suggest American comrades may trigger a movement to replace Linda Chávez with
> > Hugo Chávez. American women would have everything to win from that...
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> > Hugs in solidarity,
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***8/27/00 "Venezuela's president names three women to his Cabinet"   C. Toothaker
CARACAS AP   Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appointed three "revolutionary" women as
top ministers Sunday in what had previously been a male-dominated Cabinet. Chavez,
re-elected to fresh six-year term on July 30, stressed reshuffling 14- member Cabinet
does not represent a change in the govt's economic & social policies. "Just like in a
baseball game changes are made … but game strategy remains the same," Chavez said
Sunday during his weekly radio program, "Hello President." Replaced labor minister
served as vice president to special assembly which drafted a new constitution tailored
to Chavez's specifications. New Commerce Minister is president of state import-export
bank, and Deputy Health Minister will take the job of
environment minister. These were not Chavez's first female appointments. Last year he
named Atala Uriana, a Wayuu Indian, to the top environmental post. She left office
after a few months to join the constitutional assembly. Chavez called all three new
ministers "revolutionary women" who are dedicated to his self-proclaimed "peaceful and
democratic revolution" in this South American nation of 23 million. Few Cabinet changes
had been expected, despite heavy criticism by many business leaders and economic
analysts of Chavez' economic team for its state-oriented economic policies. "This is
more of a cosmetic change than anything else," said Teodoro Petkoff, former planning
minister now director of a local newspaper critical of the government. Analysts had
speculated that VP Isaias Rodriguez, expert in labor law who is drafting a plan for
Venezuela's new social security & pensions systems, could be named labor minister, but
he was left in his post. Political analysts see Rodriguez as a moderate voice in the
govt which has served to counterbalance Chavez' radical governing style and fiery
leftist rhetoric.


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