FW: The Economist: Why and when to go in

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En relación a RE: FW: The Economist: Why and when to go in,
el 7 Jan 01, a las 18:31, Mark Jones dijo:

> ...the Bush regime has come to offcie by a constitutional coup
> d'etat. That is ... much less sensational than Kennedy,
> MLuther King etc, but it is altogether more serious. Crimes committed in breach
> of law and defiance of constitiutional right are one thing; the perversion of the
> constitution, its legalised overthrow, is something else.

I couldn't agree more. _I_ understand what you mean. But I still find it hard
to believe that most Americans share this view, or that at least a sizable
minority of them does. That's why I began all this by saying that your
assertion seems a bit overstated.

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