FW: The Economist: Why and when to go in

Mark Jones jones.mark at SPAMbtconnect.com
Sun Jan 7 15:18:41 MST 2001

>  I still find it hard
> to believe that most Americans share this view, or that at least a sizable
> minority of them does. That's why I began all this by saying that your
> assertion seems a bit overstated.

Look, even the 50m people who voted FOR Bush have been made fools of and been pissed
in their eye. This is why the Bush ghouls' folie de grandeur is a mistake worthy of
Nero. In a year's time you won't be able to find ANYONE who voted Bush. But even
that is besides the point: the point is that, when the state is overtly lawless,
power flies into the gutter. Wait and see.


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