crisis of democracy?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sun Jan 7 16:30:09 MST 2001

I wish Nester and Mark would develop their arguments a little further.

the compromise of 1877 was based upon a real compromise between two factions
of the ruling class. today, things are not so clear.

we have had lawlessness for some time in foreign relations.  Our poor also
live under the strong arm of the law. for most people in the U.S. we have
had the rule of law.are things about to change?

what does this have to do with class forces? the working class is weak. why
would capital turn to fascism. there was a kind of coup. but why? what is
ahead for us? is it just Reagan back in power in a younger body? but the
cold war is over. what are the foreign and domestic policy goals?

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