Alan Maki (Re: Yoshie, Leona Freed and the Native Indian)

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Sun Jan 7 18:03:12 MST 2001

Richard wrote:

>That was an interesting exchange on the Native Indian issue,
unfortunately >cut short by (among other things) Lou's patronizing and
belittling attack on >Yoshie and her consequent unsubbing.

You are dramatizing issues here. Frankly, I did not get any impression
of  patronizing attitude or attack on the part of Lou. Yoshie got upset
with criticism and unsubed voluntarily. That was it. If Yoshie can
_handle flames_ in forums like pen-l and LBO, where everyone else is on
everyone else's nerves with all sorts of _open_ personal affronts and
dirty politics, I _wonder_ why she got demoralized _so_ easly in a
_much_ more refined forum like here.

Referring to Jim:

>But I was disappointed that he  did not provide
further details on how these pro-sovereignty activists see these issues,

>choosing instead to vent his spleen against Alan Maki.

Look, Alan Maki _started_ endless insults at Jim by accusing him to be a
government agent and asking stupid questions like where Jim _earned his
money from_. He occupied us for almost a week here with his demagogic
insults. From what I see,  the man is personally  sick. So address the
real issues here or have a closer look at Alan Maki's clinic background
on his web site. I am really suprised at  how you implicitly come to
defense of such a  person whose level of self-paronia and destructive
nonsense has been documented on this list.

I find all the other comments of yours important, but unfortunately  a
demagogy. For the record,  Jim _repeatedly_ addressed the issues of
corruption and reformist/ capitalist  politics exploiting Indian
natives. Reread his posts again.. I _really_ wonder why you bring up
this issue intentionally. I thought it was over after after you had read
Jim's response.



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