Yoshie, Leona Freed and the Native Indian question

Richard Fidler rfidler at SPAMcyberus.ca
Sun Jan 7 19:52:32 MST 2001

>>I would think that Richard would be a little embarrassed by solidarizing
himself prematurely with somebody whose claim to a political refugee status in
Canada is that he was arrested 60 times in Grand Rapids for "expectorating" on
the sidewalk.<<

I find these exchanges a bit tiresome, but for the record:

1. I did not "solidarize myself" - prematurely or otherwise - with Alan Maki. I
objected to another list member using scurrilous language to address publicly on
this list another subscriber with whom he disagreed. I know nothing about the
incidents Lou mentions, since I have paid no attention whatsoever to Maki's
website.  I leave it to others to titillate themselves with such things. On this
list, I address only contributions that are made on this list by subscribers
thereto. As to Lou's repeated posting of items from Maki's website: I thought
our policy was to avoid cross-postings....

2. I have been on this list for well over a year now, and I have _never_ seen
Yoshie "flame" anyone, ever.  Which is more than I can say for the list's
"moderator". Nor do I find her "condescending". If she gets on Lou's nerves -
and she clearly does - he should ignore her. But don't drive her away.

>>In fact the old Marxism lists were only partially destroyed because of flames.
Another more serious problem is that we attracted very mild-mannered, "civil"
sectarians whose every post questioned the ability of the other person in the
debate--if not the entire list--to understand basic Marxist principles.<<

I know nothing about the "old Marxism lists", since I was never on them. But,
seriously, Lou, you are one of the few on this list who seems to have this
particular problem with Yoshie's posts. Whatever your fears, judge contributions
on this list on their own merits, not on some psychological premonition of what
might happen, somehow, someday in the future - or what did happen somewhere else
at some other time. Again, I find your constant references to the horrible
events on other lists as almost the equivalent of that dreaded "cross-posting".
I appreciate that your fears are no doubt founded on some real experiences. But
they don't correspond to what we on this list experience on this list.

>>As most people know, Anthony from Colombia is remarkably even-tempered but
even he lost patience with Yoshie. Here is the second post I received from him
that I declined to forward to the list.<<

Actually, Lou, you did post it to the list previously. If I were Anthony, I
would be embarrassed by this. But let's just leave this as a matter between you
and him. You both have a lot to contribute to this list. But this is not it.

As for Mine's comment, as usual I don't think she adds anything of substance.

Richard Fidler

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