on civility?

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sun Jan 7 20:41:43 MST 2001

I have only been on this list for about a month. during this time, I have
participated in interesting discussions. however, I have also observed some
personality conflicts which are not at all helpful to our common cause.
these have sometimes been petty expressions of egoism. personally, I have
never found Yoshi to be more of a problem than anyone else. I did feel that
Louis's attack on her was condescending in tone. we all have emotional and
ideological baggage we bring with us. let's try to keep things a little more
under control. discussions on this list should be as reasonable  as
possible. we do need to keep in mind that there is a real person at the
other end of the wire. I am not calling for repressing feelings,  ideas or
style of expression, but rather for a little more civility and respect for
others. yoshi is not the only person we have lost in the last day or so. (I
am not referring to Alan Moke, who was too much for us to deal with.) I am
referring to the others who dropped off the list as a matter of choice.

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