Yoshie, Leona Freed and the Native Indian question

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at SPAMprimenet.com
Sun Jan 7 21:10:13 MST 2001

Greetings Comrades,
    Lou I understand rage.  I understand how you feel angry with Yoshie.  I
would too.  But what about this group?  The point is how to raise issues
with people in a way that is not about rage but about the social cohesion of

    That is not personal, but how many people need to be a part of group.
When a powerful person such as yourself has the power to be angry in an
arbitrary way, the social group is deformed by your anger.

    You revolted from the SWP because they weren't in some sense what you
have tried to make of this group.  I agree with this impulse in you.  You
are talented and able in this direction.  In this I think if you were more
socially connected and integrated with a leadership about how to form a
group you would succeed better.  You are a lone wolf in the way is working
out, and need the relationship of other able people to balance the
personality you bring to organizing groups of people.

    I admire your tremendous range of intellect.  I do not admire your
anger, because your anger limits the size and range of this group.

    I grew up in anger.  I rage like you Lou.  I think you would find in the
group the way out of the rage.  The rage is just one tool amongst many.  For
me the working class and how we build it is the goal.  Not the personal
history, the working class.  If this is the dividing line between us, then
so be it.  To the working class and the class struggle.  Victory to the
working class!
Doyle Saylor

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