IRSCNA: Clinton Doesn't Deserve Peace Award

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Sun Jan 7 23:37:24 MST 2001

IRSCNA: Clinton Doesn't Deserve Peace Award

 From the Irish Emigrant:

"President Clinton has been named as the recipient of this
ear's Tipperary International Peace Award.  The Tipperary
Peace Convention Committee selected the US President
for his role in bringing "peace and political stability in
Northern Ireland and throughout the world."

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
call upon the Tipperary Peace Convention Committee to come
to their senses.

We know of no other way in which to respond to the news that
this committee has selected United States President Bill Clinton
for his role in bringing "peace and political stability in Northern
Ireland and throughout the world."

President Clinton is the person responsible for the deaths of
countless men, women, and children in Iraq and Serbia from
U.S. bombing. He is preparing to sharply increase the U.S.
military presence in Columbia to bolster that governments
ongoing repression of its citizens. He continues to rain bombs
on Vieques in Puerto Rico despite the mass demonstration
of the Puerto Rican people of their opposition. For the past
eight years he has been the leader of the nation which leads
the forces of imperialism worldwide. Imperialism is not a
source of either peace or stability in the world today.

Under Clinton's administration, while Irish republican and republican
socialist prisoners were being released from prisons throughout
the island of Ireland, Irish republican and republican socialist prisoners
in the United States continued, and in some cases still continue,
to face incarceration and legal efforts to deport them.

Clinton has done little to alter the historic alliance between the United
States and Britain, which has long bound the two nations as the
closest of international allies. It is not possible, given the nature of
that alliance, for any American President to intervene in Irish affairs
as a neutral party and it is not desirable for any American President
to intervene in Irish affairs so long as the United States remains the
leading imperialist power in the world.

The peace that President Clinton offers to Irish republicans and republican
socialists is the peace of the grave and the surrender of the national
liberation forces to continued British occupation of north-eastern
Ireland. What President Clinton offers as stability is a pacified Ireland
open to exploitation by American multinational corporations.

The destiny of the Irish people is a decision for the Irish people themselves.
It is not aided nor enhanced by the participation of the American government,
nor for that matter is it a subject that the British government has a right to
be party to. The overwhelming majority of Ireland's people are members of
the working class and it is they who should determine the course of Irish
history. It is they who have suffered most from the violence that has marked
the past thirty years of Irish history and it is they who can best determine
how that violence can be concluded.

The American President has no desire to bring real social justice to the
people of Ireland and without justice there can be no peace.

The media has broadly commented on President Clinton's desire to
establish his place in history. The Irish people should not be seen as
a vehicle for President Clinton's ego, but as a sovereign people with
the right to determine their own future. President Clinton already has
his legacy . . . it is a blue dress hanging in someone's closet.

Peter Urban
North American Coordinator, IRSCNA

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