Ideology in social science

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Ideology in social science; readings in critical social theory, edited by
Robin Blackburn.
London Fontana, 1972

--Macpherson, C. B. Politics: post-liberal-democracy?
--Shaw, M. The coming crisis of radical sociology.
--Nicolaus, M. The professional organization of sociology.
--Goddard, D. Anthropology: the limits of functionalism.
--Nell, E. Economics: the revival of political economy.
--Jones, G. S. History: the poverty of empiricism.
--Westergaard, J. H. Sociology: the myth of classlessness.
--Blackburn, R. The new capitalism.
--Nairn, T. The English working class.
--Jones, G. S. The history of U.S. imperialism.
--Poulantzas, N. <and> Miliband, R. The problem of the capitalist state.
--Hobsbawm,  E. J. Karl Marx's contribution to historiography.
--Geras, N. Marx and the critique of political economy.
--Nicolaus, M. The unknown Marx.
--Godelier, M. Structure and contradiction in Capital.
--Colletti, L. Marxism: science or revolution?

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