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As a matter of following up, here is some further info:

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> Come out this Saturday January 13th to participate actively in:
> an all-day event in Vancouver, BC
> starting at 9:00am
> at SFU's Harbour Centre (Hastings Street at Richards)
> admission: by donation (from zero up)
> Please see enclosed letter which has been faxed to various
> organizations/groups/activists/etc. in the Vancouver area.
> ---
> Dear Sisters, Brothers and Comrades and Friends,
> We're writing to invite you to the next meeting of Rebuilding The
> Left Vancouver.  It will be an all-day meeting on Saturday January
> 13th, starting at 9:00 AM.  We are arranging professional childcare
> and will be announcing details shortly.
> Rebuilding The Left Vancouver held its first organizing meeting on
> December 11th, with 150 people from a broad variety of organizations
> taking part. The project is part of a national initiative which
> started with a series of documents discussing the need for a
> reorganized and revitalized left in this country.  These documents
> can be viewed on the internet at the Rebuilding The Left web site at
> http://www.rebuildingtheleft.org .  They are also accessible at the
> Canadian Dimension web site at http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/~cdol/archive/.
> So far a number of issues have arisen.  We invite you to participate
> actively in the discussion on January 13th.  Through this discussion
> we hope to clarify what are the areas of common agreement; to do this
> we need political discussion.  This includes questions such as:
> . Is Rebuilding The Left an organization itself, or an attempt to
> create a structure and a process that can bring militants together to
> have the discussions necessary to move in that direction?
> . Do we want to create an anti-capitalist movement/organization?
> . Should we focus on extra-parliamentary politics? Can real change be
> achieved through the ballot box?
> . Do we need to fight for democratization of every  aspect of
> everyday life?  Should we emphasize the movements and organizations
> we seek to create be themselves democratic throughout? How do we do
> this?
> . Do we see the  fight against oppression as a central part of the
> fight against capitalism?  How do we deal with gender, race and class
> right from day one, and create a project that incorporates feminism,
> anti-racism, gay/lesbian and class politics? ;
> . Is the capitalist system destroying the basis for life on this
> planet? How can  anti-capitalist politics  be environmentalist
> politics?
> . How can we learn from the left's past mistakes? How can we figure
> out a process that can lead to developing genuine bonds of trust and
> solidarity among ourselves? Can we learn how to reject sectarianism
> and create a genuinely democratic and inclusive project where we can
> learn from one another? Can we create new ways of discussing and
> debating with one another?
> . Should we create a project based on discussion, on action or on a
> combination of both action and discussion?  Do we want to create a
> reorganized left of activists, working in our communities, our
> workplaces, our neighbourhoods, our unions?. Do we agree we will not
> change through words alone, but through action? Does effective
> activism need discussion ?
> We think if this project is to succeed it is vitally important that
> from the very beginning it be as broad and diverse as possible.  We
> want to create something new.  We want to try something that has not
> been attempted before, at least not in our lifetimes.  To do that, it
> is crucial to have everyone seated around the same table from the
> very beginning, to try and shape a common vision of what we can build
> together.
> We ask you to join with us in making this your project as well.  We
> want to invite you to come to the January 13th meeting and make your
> voices heard.
> More than that, we want to hear your ideas on what would make this
> meeting most useful to your needs.  Far too often in the past the
> left has been hampered by its own bad habits: sectarianism,
> inattention to process, sexism, an inability to listen....  We think
> that these sorts of habits will only change by making conscious and
> determined efforts to change them.  As a start, and as a beginning
> attempt, we would welcome any suggestions from you as to what steps
> we can take to make the January 13th meeting a process that you would
> benefit from, and to make Rebuilding The Left a project that you
> would be interested in making your own.
> Please contact us with your suggestions and/or inquiries.  We are
> quite excited by this project. We hope that you will be too.
>   FOR FURTHER INFRORMATION PLEASE contact the RtL ad hoc organizing
> committee by voicemail (682-3269 extension 8823), email
> (rtl-van at tao.ca), fax (872-5105) or P.O. Box 27607 Vancouver BC V5N
> 5T5
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