Joint Report Finds Israeli Riot Police Unjustified in Slayings of 9 Arabs

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Mon Jan 8 09:32:08 MST 2001

Monday, January 8, 2001, LA Times

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Joint Report Finds Israeli Riot Police Unjustified in Slayings of 9

By RICHARD BOUDREAUX, Times Staff Writer

JERUSALEM--Israeli riot police who killed nine Israeli Arabs  in October
violated regulations by firing at distant protesters who posed no deadly
threat and by shooting one victim in the back of the neck at close
range, three human rights groups reported Sunday.  A joint inquiry by
Jewish and Arab researchers faulted police for taunting the protesters,
shunning nonlethal riot control methods, rebuffing efforts by Arab
elders to defuse conflicts and detaining ambulances that were rushing to
aid the wounded.
"There was no justification for any loss of life because in none of
these cases were the police in a life-threatening situation," said Naama
Yishuvi, a Jewish human rights activist who edited the 38-page report.
All the victims, she said, were young, male and unarmed. The findings
are the latest by independent monitors to accuse Israel of using
excessive force against a 3-month-old Palestinian uprising that has
claimed the lives of 302 Palestinians, 13 Israeli Arabs and 43 other
Israelis. The perceived brutality has helped sustain the rebellion,
complicating President Clinton's rush to end
his administration with an Arab-Israeli peace accord.


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