Rebuilding The Left Conference in Vancouver - Sat. Jan. 13th

Tony Tracy tony at
Mon Jan 8 15:39:47 MST 2001

Indeed, there has not only been "outreach" to native groups, but also
native folks have been involved from the beginning in planning this
conference in Vancouver (I think of Howard Adams, for example, a longtime
Metis activist who is presently Vice President of the Vancouver Metis
Association -- some folks on this list might have read Howard's book:
"Prisons of Grass"). Folks from the Native Youth Movement have been
actively involved (the graphic and poster for the Vancouver conference
were designed by longtime NYM activist Gord Hill), and people in the
leadership of the Vancouver-based United Native Nations have expressed
solidarity with the conference goals. Longtime Coast-Salish native
activist Kelly White will be the first speaker on Saturday morning's
opening plenary.

In terms of the agenda, etc. on the
website, as well as the endorsements listed on that site: note that this
is the website for the *Toronto* based conference which has already taken
place (in October) -- we do not presently have a separate and distinct web
presense for the Vancouver conference. The documents are the same, however
(ie. the reasons that are bringing people together are roughly the same).

Now, on the other hand, none of the above should be construed as
indicating that I am satisfied with the amount of native representation
that we have on the planning and outreach committees, or that I think we
have done a marvelous job of outreach to native communities. I think we
have a long way to go, and have many bridges to these communities yet to
be built.

In solidarity,

Tony Tracy

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Louis Proyect wrote:

> >From: Tony Tracy <tony at>
> >Subject: vancouver: Rebuilding The Left Conference in Vancouver - Sat.
> Jan. 13th
> >
> >> Come out this Saturday January 13th to participate actively in:
> >>
> >> an all-day event in Vancouver, BC
> Given the intense discussion here of late about the relationship between
> Marxism and indigenous movements in Canada, I wonder if there has been any
> outreach to native groups, in particular the group that Mac himself lauded.
> Although the conference webpage does not include any schedule of workshops,
> the endorsement page seems to lack any from indigenous quarters.

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