documentary on jazz

George Snedeker snedeker at
Tue Jan 9 11:21:46 MST 2001

all of Ken Burns' PBS documentaries have been highly ideological. why should
this one be different? there is the  myth of American   nationalism in all
of his historical narratives. of course, race plays a central role in the
story of jazz. how is the Black working class to be represented? I saw the
first part of this documentary, but did not get a clear sense of where Burns
is going with this one. Louis's comments were helpful. I will look forward
to reading his review.

why does Ken Burns have a monopoly on the PBS documentary market. how did he
come to be our official historian?  his version of "American History"
reminds me of the one I received in high school. most of his work is
produced  for 12 year olds. now, there is nothing wrong with being 12 years
old. all I mean is that his story telling lacks a certain also
lacks any real critique of U.S. society. it is really quite traditional. not
much in the way of social history. usually those elite figures. you know,
the Founding Fathers .

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