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Tue Jan 9 15:03:59 MST 2001


> The absurd conclusion as regards swearing is the "cultural revolution" in
> China, where Beethoven and Goethe together with Shakespeare, piano players
> and mathematicians become "bourgeois detritus" etc. Now pardon me for
> saying this, but this is FUCKING MAD in my view, it's anti-human, the a
> bureaucratic nightmare.

While I disagree with this statement on the Cultural Revolution (comrades tend to
throw out the baby with the bathwater- the *concept* of the Cultural Revolution is a
very good thing, regardless of how twisted or distorted some aspects of the practice
[such as the attacks on Beethoven, etc] might have been. The idea is actually very in
tune with what our entire project is- in the face of TINA [capitalist "stage" in
China as neccessary] we say that will and the concrete actions of human beings can
supercede the supposed lie of inevitability. That the people have a right to question
the leadership and build socialism *in spite of* the Communist Party. The idea has
been lost in a storm of denunciations of very misdirected practice.), in the
following lines Jurriaan has it almost exactly right:

> So anyway this is the basic thought behind my statement earlier, that I
> don't like that "Marxist-Leninist" culture, and I don't like the swearing.
> Because many self-styled Marxist-Leninists, Maoists and Trotskyists still
> try to copy a political language from the past, and imitate a political
> style that is inappropriate today.

Not only that, but points such as I try to raise above have a dual problem, this
"culture" that Jurriaan describes allows no deviation from the sacred texts. As such,
if you aren't "for" EVERYTHING done by this or that regime led by this or that icon,
you must denounce it wholly and grab at some other "tendency" and line if you want to
be a "serious activist". Such is why today the "Maoists" are such lunatics: they do
not explain historically why this or that may have happened, what the forces were
that propelled the decisions on behalf of the CPC, etc. Instead you just get
explanations about "Soviet Social Imperialism".

It is the Maoist crazies far more than Mao or even the popular press that have done
the greatest damage to a realistic interpretation of the historical events under Red
China, `49- 76. And that is very stressing.

The same statements could be made about Trotskyists, etc. Until we all turned blue in
the face. The issue here is that the greatest tool in the history of humankind for
the explanation of all the hues and shades of colour that form our human history is
this gift of Marxism. What have some adherents done? Retreated to Black and White.

That, more than anything else, makes me swear.


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