AW: List demographics: January 2001

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Tue Jan 9 15:22:54 MST 2001

Dear Comrade,

I understand quite well Your question, but I think it's easy to answer:

In fact, this list is a little bit a "small International" - a bunch of
comrades, based on a common understanding, or, at least, commitment, to
marxism. I, for example, draw important lessons from the discussions here (I
have to stress that I was absent for some weeks due to a total breakdown of
my old PC and the necessity to earn the money for a new one :) ), but I can
just contribute from time to time remarks to some aspects of high-level
disussions, because I cannot write English fluently. Nevertheless, from time
to time, I send some clumsy mails to express my point of view.

I think, that' s the price we have to pay for internationalism - that there
is a certain inequality in the contributions.

But I want to stress one important point: I (nearly) always had the
impression here to be among comrades, to be free to utter my opinions, and
therefore, I think, this list is not only valuable, but an important part of
the international marxist movement. And - finally - I want to thank Cde.
Proyect for all his efforts to make this list run and viable!

With kindest revolutionary grettings, especially to the comrades in

Kurt, from Vienna

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