Marx and swearing (Re: swearing and idolitry)

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Tue Jan 9 16:36:54 MST 2001

> >Frank Manuel, in his book, REQUIEM FOR KARL MARX, suggests >that it was old
> >Karl who began swearing as a style of dealing with his political >opposition.

Interesting! I never perceived Marx swearing in the real sense of the
term--cursing such as fucking, for example. When he deals with the opposition,
it seems to me, he is very much like polemical rather than  throwing blasphemous
curses. What does Frank Manuel say about this?

in any case, I don't have problems with swearing as long as it is done

There is also a gender dimension. Men swear a lot. Women are still expected not
to do so, at least in my country if not here. It can be *highly* the case here
too, although I don't have stats at hand about the number of women cursing in
the US. We have to correct this imbalance and neutralize the gender of





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