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Tue Jan 9 21:04:56 MST 2001

Thats looks to be a interesting discussion. I have tried lists dedicaded to Jazz
before and found that they have all a lack in getting together music and society (I
do not want to exchange my cds or lps - I would never do...).

For my Jazz always was Blues for the city. An evolution from African sources and
European sources. Many of the early Jazz players started with European music and
then moved it into the blues scemes.

Jazz and HipHop are the two kinds of music which makes it most easy to include other
stiles from Barock to heavy metal and I believe that this has something to do with a
kind of open-minded cultural understanding.

I do not believe that there were a inventor of Jazz or of its direction. Bird and
Dizzy did not invented Be-Bop, they took what the found and were lucky that it were
connected to them.


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