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This is more on cinema, less on Godard

The Situationist Internationale once used to criticize the "spectacle
society" by saying that Godard was dead, especially to a society that
produces and consumes "spectacles".

The slogan was also turned onto one of the most prominent figures of the SI,
Guy Debord: "Guy Debord is dead."

Debord also made his own creative films.  "Howlings in favour of Sade" has a
quote that might as well speak for the entire generations of lost consumers
trying to find meaning in material hollywood bourgeois sellout cinema:
"Cinema is dead."

For anyone interested the transcript for the film "Howlings in favour of
Sade" is available online:


In solidarity

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>Godard was once asked if his films had a beginning, middle and end. he is
>reported to have answered, "yes, but not in that order."

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