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Subject: JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS THOUGHT [ Essay based on Hunter Gray
interviews and much, much more!]

> I'm very pleased to indicate the just-out appearance of the excellent
> JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS THOUGHT [Winter 2001], an electronic magazine with a
> very wide circulation, published by Saskatchewan Indian Federated College
> [SIFC], Regina.  It's only human for me to be pleased with the presence of
> an extensive piece focusing on my  personal and maverick blend of Native
> cultures and radical perspectives by Professor Roy Wortman, History,
> College.  And it's full of much, much more solid material indeed.  Scroll
> down for a quick listing of contents and the link -- and also to  the link
> to my just-out article on our very strange  Pocatello, Idaho experiences
> carried in this issue of  the very first-rate socialist publication,
> THE CURRENT [January/February 2001.]
> The Journal of Indigenous Thought is edited by Neal McLeod and this issue
> begins with very thoughtful Editors' Comments:  Neal McLeod and  Rob
> There are two extensive  essays by Professor Roy Wortman, History, Kenyon
> College:
> "Telling Their Own Story, Building Their Own Strengths: Dr. Dave Warren on
> Framing and Imparting American Indian History."
> "I Consider Myself a Real Red:"  The Social Thought of American Civil
> Organizer John R. (Salter) Hunter Gray."
> Other very excellent and substantial pieces are:
> "Cree Narratives of Change," by Neal McLeod [SIFC.]
> "Autobiographical Writing as a Healing Process:  Interview with Alice
> French" by Christine Watson [SIFC.]
> "Knowledge and Culture:  What Do Our Stories Tell Us?" by Solomon Ratt
> [SIFC.]
>   http://www.sifc.edu/indian%20studies/indigenousthought/vol3winter.htm
> And, in addition, don't overlook my just-published piece on our Idaho
> experiences -- "Unfriendly Forces, Mountain Lions, And Our Rattlesnake
> Friend: Reflections On Idaho" -- published in the January/February 2001
> issue of the excellent socialist magazine, AGAINST THE CURRENT, and
> accessible on the web at this LINK.  The journal abounds with a wealth of
> her articles as well.
> http://www.igc.org/solidarity/indexATC.html
> Fraternally/In Solidarity - Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]  Micmac/St. Francis
> Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
> Hunter Gray
> www.hunterbear.org

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