JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS THOUGHT [ Essay based on Hunter Gray interviews and much, much more!]

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Wed Jan 10 08:49:07 MST 2001

I'm very pleased to indicate the just-out appearance of the excellent
JOURNAL OF INDIGENOUS THOUGHT [Winter 2001], an electronic magazine with a
very wide circulation, published by Saskatchewan Indian Federated College
[SIFC], Regina.  It's only human for me to be pleased with the presence of
an extensive piece focusing on my  personal and maverick blend of Native
cultures and radical perspectives by Professor Roy Wortman, History, Kenyon
College.  And it's full of much, much more solid material indeed.  Scroll
down for a quick listing of contents and the link -- and also to  the link
to my just-out article on our very strange  Pocatello, Idaho experiences
carried in this issue of  the very first-rate socialist publication, AGAINST
THE CURRENT [January/February 2001.]

The Journal of Indigenous Thought is edited by Neal McLeod and this issue
begins with very thoughtful Editors' Comments:  Neal McLeod and  Rob Nestor.

There are two extensive  essays by Professor Roy Wortman, History, Kenyon

"Telling Their Own Story, Building Their Own Strengths: Dr. Dave Warren on
Framing and Imparting American Indian History."

"I Consider Myself a Real Red:"  The Social Thought of American Civil Rights
Organizer John R. (Salter) Hunter Gray."

Other very excellent and substantial pieces are:

"Cree Narratives of Change," by Neal McLeod [SIFC.]

"Autobiographical Writing as a Healing Process:  Interview with Alice Masak
French" by Christine Watson [SIFC.]

"Knowledge and Culture:  What Do Our Stories Tell Us?" by Solomon Ratt

And, in addition, don't overlook my just-published piece on our Idaho
experiences -- "Unfriendly Forces, Mountain Lions, And Our Rattlesnake
Friend: Reflections On Idaho" -- published in the January/February 2001
issue of the excellent socialist magazine, AGAINST THE CURRENT, and
accessible on the web at this LINK.  The journal abounds with a wealth of ot
her articles as well.

Fraternally/In Solidarity - Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]  Micmac/St. Francis
Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk

Hunter Gray

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