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Johannes asked:

Nestor, just a few questions:

 - Is Storani's reference to these organisations (Partido Obrero, Partido
Comunista Revolucionario, Patria Libre y Quebracho) just propaganda or do
they have really any influence in Salta?

There are many things to take into account here.

First of all, the general context, which is of a basically Radical (of the
Radical Party) government under desperatingly stressing conditions.
Radicals, essentially a petty bourgeois formation, have some hues that
range from Storani´s Alfonisinism -somewhat this could be defined as a
"Liberal" fraction in the USA sense- to roguish, more clearly oligarchic
wings such as the one that De la Rúa represents. Storani is the Minister of
Interior, that is the head of the Police. His reference must be put in the
context of a Radical government scared at the possibility of mounting anger
at their own policies. In this context, the declaration simply means that
the government is active and is waving straw men against popular
mobilizations, as well as preparing for repression. The declaration is thus
a Macarthyst warning.

It is also in the same line of behaviour that generated the situation which
led to the Tablada misdeeds. Radicals are always imagining some
conspiration against them, "democratic" rulers, by the Dark Forces of
Totalitarism. That the government began with two shot people at the
demonstrations over the Corrientes-Barranqueras bridge has no meaning at
all for these people, they will always react in the same way. While
Alfonsín was able to build up a generalized climate of fear and suspicion
which eventually led to the frustrated storming of the Tablada military
basis by the Gorriarán Merlo group, neither Storani nor De la Rúa can even
dream of such a possibility, since too much time and experience has
elapsed, and people in Argentina are not buying that kind of rotten meat
any more. Thus, instead of waving the straw man of the Fascist coup (as
Alfonsín´s minister of Interior Nosiglia did), Storani -who once was a
rebel young Leftist within Radicalism during the late 60s, early 70s- is
waving the Leftist straw man today.

Storani, thus, obtained some information from our relatively stupid
intelligence services, and managed to generate the declaration according to
which a group of social misfits are trying to turn the situation in the
North harder and more serious than it actually is. How much truth is there
in that declaration?

Let us see. The most important reference is to the Partido Comunista
Revolucionario, the participation of which in the events of Tartagal is
hardly news to anyone. The Corriente Clasista y Combativa, a group of
unions led by the "Perro" Santillán, is overtly related to the PCR, which
is the Argentine expression of Maoism, and they never hid themselves at the
"piquetes" (piquete meaning road block) either in Tartagal, Salta, or (more
meaningful) in Laferrere, an important town of lower middle class / working
class ridden by unemployment constituency, at the outskirts of Greater
Buenos Aires. The Partido Obrero is a Trotskyist ultraleft fraction without
actual relevance in serious politics, who are spinning between
reorganization of the Fourth International at the global level and petty
squabbles over the budget at the Legislative body of the Federal District
(Buenos Aires city proper). They are the epitome of what we could define as
the sepoy leftist, but they are harmful in the main, though they have some
following at a few local unions. Quebracho and Patria Libre are two groups
of mixed "Left Peronist" and Leftist origin which have been developing
lately, whose basic politics is to further -sometimes without limits- road
blocks, strikes, and so on.

Neither of these groups has too real an influence on the desperate people
who are blocking roads, exception made of the PCR, who are doing an
organizational effort. But they are still just a minority everywhere.

- Is the FATPREN mentioned here related to the CTA? Is it a printer's or
journalists union?

It is the journalists union, it is related to the CTA.

- Is the planned congress identical to the one to be convened by the CTA?

Same and one Congress.

- What is in general the relationship of the piqueteros to the workers'
movement as a whole? To see them being courted by both the ultra-leftists
and the Blairite unions seems to be contradictory to me.

Please remind me to answer this one later, Johannes. Too long and got work
to do right now.

A hug,

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

Louis Proyect
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