Bush, Putin seen headed for trouble over missiles

Dayne Goodwin dayneg at SPAMaros.net
Wed Jan 10 15:15:51 MST 2001

        This discussion about Putin may be missing consideration of a
populist, domestic party-politics dimension.  Remember that when Putin
became president the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was(and is)
his major domestic political opposition and had control of the parliament.
To the outrage of pro-U.S. Russian "liberals", Putin cut a
parliamentary-management deal with the KPRF which had a years-old
"red-brown" trajectory and had positioned itself standing for less
aggressive privatization and more social security combined with more
combative, nationalistic independence vis-a-vis the U.S. as compared to
        Someone recommended understanding Putin in the familiar context of
national governments pursuing national interests in the 'standard'
framework of international (bourgeois) power politics.  How about adding
in the familiar dimension of 'standard' domestic party politics. This
perspective goes against conspiracy theories.
        dayne goodwin

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