[L-I] Bush, Putin seen headed for trouble over missiles

red-rebel red-rebel at SPAMsupanet.com
Wed Jan 10 20:43:51 MST 2001

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From: "Macdonald Stainsby" <mstainsby at tao.ca>

> Here's a conspiracy idea: The Putinites are doing the bidding of the West,
> particularly the Americans at the expense of the Germans and Europe to
shore up a new
> Arms Race for the weapons manufacturers for one, and two to allow Russia
to be the
> big military "threat" in Europe that she has been lacking as for a decade.
> specualtion. But it could work for both sides in the new "sabre rattling".
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> Macdonald Stainsby

Maybe an even simpler conspiracy theory would be that the US is using Russia
to get control over it's erstwhile enemies. If China, Iran, Iraq etc are
tied to agreements with and in debt to Russia and Russia is beholden to the
US then whos really pulling the strings.

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