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A most interesting summary on Brazilian demography. These
figures contain the seed of revolution in Brazil:

According to the 2000 population census, there are 169,544 million Brazilians,
a figure 2 million above what was expected according to the Censuses of 1991,
1995 (that is, population growth has increased and is currently at 1,6% a year.
Moreover, women are a _majority_ of the population (which implies a potentially
higher fertility, if the age distribution is taken into account, and helps
explaining the differences between the previsions and the actual results), and,
most important -and probably surprising to many outside Latin America-  81,2%
of the population lives in urban areas.

That is, an extremely unequal country, with a teeming population concentrated
in cities, with a majority of women, and in conditions of unabated
industrialization. A time bomb, methinks.

What do Brazilian cdes. say?

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