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> In 1971 ... I was working at First National Bank of Boston and wearing
> suit and ties by day and jeans and sweatshirt by night. The FNB rep in Argentina
> had been kidnapped by Mandelistas in Argentina. I had to point out to my
> co-workers that I was not connected to them, although I really was. At least for
> the time being.

It is so strange to discover how distorted and twisted the concept of
"internationalism" can become when in the wrong hands. The kidnappers of the
FNB in Argentina were not primarily Mandelistas. They were primarily for direct
action. But, since in the Mälstrom of Trotskyism under the pressures of
European and American offices you could only be Mandelist or pro-SWP, then the
ERP-PRT was a --Mandelist group! So that Louis Proyect, a typical American
organizer, was linked to a group that strode away from any Trotskyist tradition
in Argentina, because there was a "world match" between New York and Paris!

> Galbraith said that it was not sufficient to march against the war. We had
> to elect "peace" candidates. Basically he wanted the SMC to become a kind
> of auxiliary to the campus Young Democrats. We had a big mass meeting and
> we argued them down.
> Galbraith, like his old man, can not understand the STRUCTURAL causes of
> capitalist crisis. Our tasks as Marxists is to explain this crisis as
> rooted in the mode of production and lead people to draw revolutionary
> conclusions. Each day I look around at the mounting signs of crisis and can only
> conclude that each of us must draw upon inner reserves in a way that has not
> been necessary or possible in the past 50 years at least. That is the reason
> that it is important for HARD-CORE (as in X-rated) Internet forums such these to
> exist.
> Louis Proyect
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