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Subject: Press Release SPS Belgrade

January 8th 2000,

Press Release

 Socialist Party of Serbia  is of the opinion that the position  of  the
Yugoslav Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Goran Svilanovic, taken at the
talks with the outgoing American administration, regarding readiness of
Yugoslavia to co-operate in commencing of the Hague Tribunal proceedings
is directly contrary to the national  interest of the Serb people and
the state interest of both  Serbia and Yugoslavia. Such a position is
also contrary to the statements of the President of the Federal Republic
of Yugoslavia  Mr. Vojislav Kostunica and  of the Federal Prime Minister
Mr. Zoran Zizic,  both asserting  that Hague Tribunal is a political

 Yugoslav Minister of Foreign Affairs,  encountering  an administration
that  waged a criminal and illegal war against Federal Republic of
Yugoslavia and  that committed massive crimes against citizens of
Yugoslavia,  shifts all the blame to his own people and accepts
collective, complete and only guilt for all that transpired at the
territories of former Yugoslavia, even though Serbs were the utmost
victims of the secession, separatism and terrorism.

 Acceptance of one political Tribunal to try defenders of the fatherland
is nothing  but  renunciation of state's and people's  right of
self-defence.  At the same time, Albanian terrorist sentenced by courts
are freed, while at Kosovo and Metohia persecution, killing and
kidnapping of  Serbs continues, and Albanian terrorism is spreading to
the south of Serbia.

 Such Svilanovic's statements are not only alibi and amnesty for crimes
done to Serbs but also disgraceful message that it was an error that
Serb people  defended their country and that nation was protected. That
is more than clear message to all those who will, in near or distant
future, be in the position  to defend the country again, that they will
be held responsible in  some new tribunal  set aside for Serbs only. For
that reason, and not for any individual person, it is of historical
importance  that Serbs, wherever they may reside and all the citizens of
Serbia and Yugoslavia, regardless of their political differences,
sympathies or hatred,  preserve national consensus that defence of the
country may not and could not be a crime and that Serbs, Serbia and
Yugoslavia in the course of  all these years did not cause nor committed
any crimes against other peoples and states. To the contrary.
 That's why such statements of the Yugoslav Foreign Affairs Minister are
damaging for Serbia and for Yugoslavia as well as for the Serb people as
a whole.

Press Service of the
Head Committee of the SPS

Macdonald Stainsby

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