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Volume 111, Number 2 of:

Folklore a journal from Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group

is now available online via the Catchword service, and contains the following articles:

 Imaginary Worlds, Real Stories -- pg. 159 - 168
  Terry Pratchett

 The Holy Grail: From Romance Motif to Modern Genre -- pg. 169 - 190
  Juliette Wood

 The Heroic Outlaw in Irish Folklore and Popular Literature -- pg. 191 - 215
  Ray Cashman

 "Have I Got a Monster for You!": Some Thoughts on the Golem, The X-Files and the
Jewish Horror Movie -- pg. 217 - 230
  Mikel J. Koven

 Medieval English Martinmesse: The Archaeology of a Forgotten Festival -- pg. 231 - 254
  Martin W. Walsh

 Russian Peasant Beliefs and Practices Concerning Death and the Supernatural Collected
in Novosokol'niki Region, Pskov Province, Russia, 1995. Part II: Death in Natural
Circumstances -- pg. 255 - 281
  Elizabeth A. Warner

 The Witch's Familiar and the Fairy in Early Modern England and Scotland -- pg. 283 -
  Emma Wilby

 TOPICS, NOTES AND COMMENTS -- pg. 307 - 313

 Katharine Briggs Folklore Award 1999: Judges' Report -- pg. 315 - 316

 BOOK REVIEWS -- pg. 317 - 328


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