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Belgrade, 10 January 2001


Dear Comrades,

New rightist Federal Government of Yugoslavia is under the pressure of
American administration demanding total obedience, and, in accordance,
putting on trial in Hague Tribunal, ex-President Slobodan Milosevic and
other highest former country officials. Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs
Goran Svilanovic stated recently in Washington about the readiness to
organize Hague Tribunal trial, eventually in Belgrade.

Charges against the leaders of Yugoslavia before Hague Tribunal were
formally launched only after two months of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, as an
obvious attempt to hide criminal responsibility of NATO leaders for mass
killings, large-scale civilian destruction, use of inhuman and illicit
weapons such as depleted uranium, ecological catastrophe and other war
crimes committed in their illegal war against our country. Insisting on
these indicments before the Hague Tribunal, which is not a legal court, but
a tool of discriminatory political pressure against a small freedom-loving
nation, is also an act of crude violation of national sovereignty and an
attempt to put on trial victims instead of criminals.

On the occasion of the latest threats from Washington, our Party issued a
press-release, which we attach to this message. We appeal on your solidarity
in this matter which has its wider importance including for future
developments and stability in South-East Europe. Your actions in Parliament,
public statements and all other steps that you may found appropriate, would
be most welcome and met with appreciation from our party.

With solidarity greetings

Vladimir Krsljanin
Head of International Relations
Department of
the Socialist Party of Serbia

Macdonald Stainsby

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