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Fri Jan 12 05:55:59 MST 2001

Alan Bradley quoted:

> Germany
> The congress of the PDS at Cottbus
> Winfried Wolf

The official press release on the PDS congress is here

Here is the latest from the German PDS from today
Source: www.faz.com

PDS Commission Head Resigns Post

BERLIN. The former chairman of the Party of Democratic Socialism, the
successor to East Germany's communist party, on Thursday announced that he
would step down as chairman of a commission set up to determine the party's

In an interview with the daily Neues Deutschland , Lothar Bisky said he had
made the "irrevocable decision" because he saw a group within the commission
hindering discussions.

Significant progress in deciding on the party's platform was, however,
essential, "if we want to go into the next national election with our
credibility in tact," he said. Mr. Bisky said he had informed the party's
board on Monday about his decision to step down. The commission's next
meeting takes place on Friday. (AP)

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